ICE Breakers


Icebreakers occur on every 3rd Saturday for a duration of 8 total sessions for year 2017. Icebreakers will be held at various venues and each may have a different theme. Registration IS REQUIRED for participation in addition to SIGNED PERMISSION SLIPS.
If you want your child to continue to participate in each event please pre-register online for each event as registration opens.
Please have your child dress according to the event activity.
Please note young men are still encouraged to come regardless of their desire to participate in the activity. The interactive learning session during each ICEBREAKER will be extremely beneficial.



ICE Breakers are a series of 8-10 events held once a month outside of school hours as part of our community programming for young men ages 12-19. This is a great opportunity for young men across the city to be a part of something exciting. ICE Breakers are typically held in the third week of each month – mostly on Saturdays. Young men can sign-up online prior to the registration expiration date.
Each ICE Breaker is an activity, as well as a lecture-based event that not only incorporates fun, but shares knowledge. Our lectures, formally known as MAN2MAN Sessions, discuss topics such as gentleman etiquette, choices and priorities, personal branding, respect, family, positive image, financial literacy and career advancement.