Programs and Services


The ICE Boys Club is an interactive 8-session program taught within the school setting addressing topics such as the man in the mirror, time management and priorities, dressing for success, the shaping of our thoughts, brotherly love, respect and more.

The Boys Club is lead by a certified ICE Mentor and each session is designed to last forty-five minutes to an hour’s time.

Students will leave with a strong understanding of the following:


  • Successful classroom behavior & performance
  • The importance of respect
  • How to dress for opportunity
  • Setting and accomplishing goals
  • The gentlemen’s code of ethics




ICE Breakers are a series of 8-10 events held once a month outside of school hours as part of our community programming for young men ages 12-19. This is a great opportunity for young men across the city to be a part of something exciting. ICE Breakers are typically held in the third week of each month – mostly on Saturdays. Young men can sign-up online prior to the registration expiration date.

Each ICE Breaker is an activity, as well as a lecture-based event that not only incorporates fun, but shares knowledge. Our lectures, formally known as MAN2MAN Sessions, discuss topics such as gentleman etiquette, choices and priorities, personal branding, respect, family, positive image, financial literacy and career advancement.


ICE hangouts are monthly sessions for all mentors, future mentors and special guests created to boost camaraderie among men (ages 19+). Many of these occasions involve food, fun and good conversation. The opportunity for like-minded, positive young males to meet in fellowship together has been largely impactful in creating an organization with accountability, as well as more examples for the youth that we serve.


ICE workshops are single, interactive sessions that provide character education principles while promoting healthy dialogue among those involved.

The current workshop offerings are as follows:

The Man in the Mirror

Dealing with change and shaping our character from the inside out.

“How Instagram Got me fired”

Personal Brand: Social media Dos and Don’ts

The Swagger of Success

What to wear when, how and why

Speaking Engagements

The 13TH GRADE: Life after high school

Painting a proper picture of what life looks like after high school prior to the arrival of the “13th grade” gives our youth a real life picture of what to expect and how to get ahead of the curve. This engagement addresses many unanswered questions for our youth such was what are my options, the truth about campus life, and living without “mamma.”


GIFTED ME – Choosing your career path

Choosing a career path can be a stressful time for a teen or young adult. This engagement addresses topics to be considered prior to making this hard choice, in addition to tools of the trade that will lead you to your destiny.


CUTE, BRAINS, AND JESUS – Dating fundamentals

Some call it a crush, some say it’s love, some say it’s dating and others prefer courting. We can define these titles in several ways, but what is often uneasily identified is the path to a successful relationship.

This engagement addresses many thought-provoking questions, such as what is a healthy relationship, how do you choose, act on it versus suppress it, and when it’s real. This session is best for teens and adults. Helping all make wise choices in this area of life can be hugely beneficial in reducing the risk of heartaches.